Ad Hoc Advice

We have made the tool simple to use so that it can be run by techies and non-techies alike.

If you need help with any feature of the tool, we recommend first watching an appropriate video tutorial. We have compiled a comprehensive series of short, but in-depth videos that cover the features and capabilities of the product.

There are some areas of the product that may require basic knowledge of HTML or CSS. If you don't have a resource available with these skills, or you want someone to help guide you through the process in the most efficient way, that's not a problem. We can help.

Our services team can assist you with any of the following tasks on an Ad Hoc pay-as-you-need basis.

Some of the tasks you may want us to perform, include:

Upgrade Planning

We can help in the overall planning of your upgrade to ensure it is performed in the most efficient manner possible. We will make sure you are pointed in the right direction in using the tool.

Development of CSS-based Dynamic Regions

If you have dynamic, interactive or randomized content that is causing false positive differences, we can help remove these so that you can tell exactly what differences are caused by the upgrade.

Development of JavaScript-based Page Actions

If Dynamic Regions won't do the trick, we can help write Page Actions that will:

  • mitigate out dynamic, interactive or randomized content,
  • expose hidden or interactive content so it can be tested,
  • or inspect your content to tag, exclude or associate the page with a template.

Development of Login Scripts

If you want to test your site running under different specific users and your login process is not a simple login form.

Anything Else

Help, training, hand-holding of any feature or capability you need to thoroughly test your site.

Book an Appointment

We charge an hourly rate of $75 USD, billed in half hour increments. To book time with one of our upgrade experts, simply give us a call or fill out the form below and we'll schedule an online video meeting during a time that works for you.

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