Partner Program

Are you an expert in upgrading and patching large websites,
a guru in a particular CMS or web platform,
or an influencer of Webmasters or Website Owners?

Want to work more closely with


We're interested in learning more about you too.

We are looking for partners of all types to help make the entire process of upgrading a website easier and more efficient. Because the easier it is, the more often organizations will upgrade. Which means they'll be more agile to take advantage of the latest and greatest features, will be more secure because they can patch known vulnerabilities quickly, and will run faster and more reliably by taking advantage of performance improvements and bug fixes.

We have three types of Partner Programs. You can read more about each by clicking on the appropriate heading below:

Who is the Member Discount Partner Program For?

This program is for organizations, such as a

  • Web user group
  • Web technology vendor
  • Website hosting company, or web development/design agency

or other similar organizations who see the value in the tool for their customers/members, but don’t want to participate in a commission based program.  Instead they wish to pass the savings onto their members as a benefit.

Are there any fees?

Our Customer Discount partner program is completely free to join and doesn’t require any ongoing fees.  So long as you promote the service on your site and/or emails to your customers/members, we will continue to offer your members a discount.

How do I provide the discount offer to my members?

Once you sign-up, we will provide you with a Promotion Code that you can include in an offer to your members.  You can make this available through a page on your website (provided that is only accessible to members) and/or your member email communications.  

You can promote the discount to prospective members, however they must become a member before you provide them with the Promotion Code.

How do my customers receive the discount?

When your customers/members sign-up and pay for the service, we will ask them for the promotion code supplied to you.  If the correct Promotion Code is supplied, the total price will reflect the discount and it will be attributed to your organization.

For example (15 CPU Hours, One Week Access, 20 GB Storage) $100.00
Discount from {Your Company/Organization Name}: $20.00
Total: $80.00

How long will the Promotion Code last?

The Promotion Code will be issued annually. However, from time to time we may provide a new code for your customers to use, if we feel the code has been compromised or is being used by individuals outside of your organization.

How will I know how many members take advantage of the offer?

Upon request, we can issue you a quarterly report via email providing you with the number of purchases generated from your offer.

Who is the Affiliate Partner Program For?

The Affiliate Partner Program is for

  • Hosting, design or development agencies
  • Technology bloggers or publications

or other similar organizations who see value in the tool for their customers/members, and want to earn a commission from each purchase referral to

Are there any fees?

Our affiliate program is completely free to join and you won’t pay any ongoing fees.

How much can I earn?

There’s no cap to how much you can earn.  It’s pretty simple. For each purchase you refer, you earn a  20% commission.

How and when do I get paid?

We pay your monthly commission by check (or another pay-out method available in your region) within 45 days.

How do you track referrals?

We will provide you with a unique ID for your account. You will incorporate this ID into your banners and/or text links that point to our site.  On incoming requests, we will detect your ID and will set cookies to track the visitors from your site that come to If a referred visitor purchases within 120 days, you will earn commission (even if they navigate directly to our website and haven’t deleted their cookies).  Upon request, we can issue you a quarterly report via email providing you with your referral activity.

Who is the Implementation Partner Program For?

If you are a development, design, or hosting agency, or an independent consultant, who helps organizations upgrade, patch or apply service packs to their websites, you are a great fit.

Are there any fees?

Our Implementation Partner Program is completely free to join and there are no ongoing fees.

What do you get as part of the partner program?

As a member of the Implementation Partner Program you may be eligible to receive the following benefits:

  • Discounted Pricing - A 15% discount off list pricing.

  • Quick Start Training - Training for your implementation engineers on all features and capabilities of the tool.

  • Direct Support - Direct access to our engineers for product support.

  • Upgrade Services Referrals - If the team lacks the experience or proficiency in upgrading a specific technology, we may refer prospects to our partners for those services.

  • Joint Marketing Opportunities - We are always open to participating in joint marketing opportunities such as events, sponsored content, direct email, paid search, etc.

  • Customer Success Stories & Guest Blogging Opportunities - Promotion of case studies of your success stories, and/or guest blogging opportunities within the site and in our marketing newsletters.


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