Explainer Videos (2)


Website Upgrade Tester Explainer Video

A fun video explaining the problems of testing a large website and how the tool solves those problems.


Website Upgrade Tester Music Video

Short video explaining the benefits of Website Upgrader Tester product set to upbeat music.

Video Tutorials (14)


Signup for Free Trial Account

This video walks you through how to sign up under a trial account for the tool.  In addition, it shows you some of the support resources and pricing/usage estimators that are available to you if you wish to continue.


User Interface Tour

This video provides a guided tour of the user interface of the Website Upgrade Tester tool.  It's a quick way to get acquainted with the tool and all of its capabilities.


How to create and manage Page Sets

How to create and manage Page Sets to control what pages to test in your site, using the Website Upgrade Tester tool at


6 Testing Steps under Multi-server Environment

The six steps needed to test your website under a multi-server testing environment using the only visual testing tool designed specifically to test website upgrades and patches at


Baseline, Comparison and Combined Runs

This video talks about the three types of runs you can perform using when testing your website upgrade.  The run types are Baseline, Comparison, and Combined.


Authorized URLs, Max Simultaneous Requests and Firewall Settings

This video describes authorizing your site’s URLs, configuring how many simultaneous requests should be allowed and configuring your firewall settings and security access, when testing your website upgrade using


JavaScript and Resource Loading Error Detection Video

This video shows how the tool detects and reports both JavaScript and Resource loading errors in your website, while testing your site upgrade.


Using Dynamic Regions to Mitigate Dynamic, Interactive or Randomized Content

This video shows how in to use Dynamic Regions to mitigate out dynamic, interactive or randomized content that may cause false differences when testing your website upgrade.


Step-by-Step Wizard

This video walks you through how to use the step-by-step Wizard that comes with the tool, to test your Website upgrade.


Using Page Actions - Part 1 of 2

This video explains how to use Page Actions in the tool to expose and test interactive content when testing you website upgrade.


Using Page Actions - Part 2 of 2

In this video you'll learn how to create your own JavaScript-based Page Actions to mitigate dynamic, interactive or randomized content and how to use them to tag your content, all while testing your website upgrade.


Testing as a Specific User and Managing Logins - Part 1 of 2

This video shows how to use to test your upgrade as a specific user and how to manage multiple logins.


Testing as a Specific User and Managing Logins - Part 2 of 2

Part 2 of the video shows how to test your website logged in as a specific user and how to manage logins.  This video shows examples of three different, more advanced login techniques.


Capture and Compare Settings

This video describes the Capture and Compare Settings for the testing tool.


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