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Upgrading your website to the latest version of your CMS, Web Platform or Application Framework can be a daunting task. Many organizations seem to continuously postpone upgrading, which means they are missing out on the latest new features, bug-fixes and security patches.

If you're in this boat we can help.

Our team of experienced web developers are experts in upgrading, and with the help of our unique WebsiteUpgradeTester.com tool, we can make sure your site renders and performs the same after the upgrade as it does before the upgrade, with no lurking surprises.

We can compare pixel by pixel every page of your site, no matter how big. And report to you any differences caused by the upgrade. Then together we can plan how and/or what to fix.

You don't need to waste your valuable resources planning, upgrading and testing the new version. We'll take on your entire upgrade project, and we'll deliver in a timely manner, minimizing your team's resources and maximizing the success of your upgrade.

So what are you waiting for? Make your site more secure, and get the latest and greatest new features you've already paid for but aren't using.


Based on your existing environment, the upgrade process includes the following tasks scheduled over 1 to 4 weeks.

We recommend that your site actually be upgraded at least twice. An "initial" upgrade is performed to identify and fix any issues found, and then the "final" upgrade is performed once all the issues have been resolved and you are confident that the upgrade will be successful.

Often, there may be one or more "dry run" upgrades in between the "initial" upgrade and the "final" upgrade, depending on the number and complexity of the issues found. Typically larger sites will most likely have at least one "dry run" upgrade.

Task You Us
Planning / Setup
Upgrade Planning / Test Case Development
Development Server Setup
Pre-Upgrade Snapshot
Initial Upgrade
Upgrade of Development Server
Post Upgrade Snapshot, Testing and Issue Identification
Issue Resolution & Documentation
Dry Run of Final Upgrade (Optional)
Upgrade of Development Server
Post Upgrade Snapshot, Testing and Issue Identification
Issue Resolution & Documentation
Final Upgrade
Upgrade of Staging/Production Server, Switching of DNS to New Server
Post Upgrade Snapshot, Testing and Issue Identification
Issue Resolution
Post Upgrade Documentation

Using the WebsiteUpgradeTester.com tool we will identify:

  • Pages that render visually differently after the upgrade than before.
    • Each page will be compared pixel by pixel to see if there are any difference. Subtle changes in JavaScript of CSS can cause major or minor difference. The good thing is our tool will catch all of these changes, so there will be no surprises.
  • JavaScript or Resource Loading Errors that occur when the page loads.
    • In addition to testing for visual consistency, we will also catch any JavaScript or Resource loading errors, that may cause user interaction to break.
  • Display issues when rendering on different device sizes.
    • One advantage of our tool is that it is often much faster to browse through and see all how all of your pages are rendering for different device sizes. We will test across as many devices sizes as supported by your responsive breakpoints to ensure content renders correctly.

You can also use our services to test pages that have a process or certain interactivity, such as Web Forms, wizards, etc.

  • We can build and execute either manual test cases, or browser based scripts that test these forms and their results.

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